Emmy Roundup

As an avid TV watcher, the Emmys are like my crack.

A few random observations about last night’s awards:

1. I’ve been riding a wave of Glee decline after re-watching some old episodes and noting that some of them don’t really hold any narrative water on second viewing. The inconsistency in characters (quicker than, say, Edward Norton’s turnaround in American History X after an unfortunate prison shower, uh, gathering) is a real turn off, because you can’t really get emotionally invested in characters that you know will change their minds or have a complete about-face at the end of the hour.

2. That said: Bravo for an excellent Glee-themed opening. I’m not a fan of Jimmy Fallon’s, but Tina Fey and Jon Hamm stole that opening, from Fey receiving a slushie to the face/chest to Hamm shaking his booty under Betty White’s sordid direction. If anything, that opening captured what’s most engaging about Glee: the exhilaration of wanton abandon while running down a blue hallway or escalators in dance/song.

3. The Modern Family sketch with that guy from Family Guy who does all the serious voices. From Stewie’s cameo to Sofia Vergara’s 3D boobs to Cam, Mitch, and George sharing a bed: Brilliant!

4. Per usual, loved the intros to the nominees for best writing for a comedy program. My two faves: Colbert’s human centipede plan and Stewart’s Beck-ian rant.

5. Eric Stonestreet’s win for best supporting actor in a comedy for Modern Family, his gracious speech, and my knowledge that he was in an episode of SyFy’s Scare Tactics a few years ago.

6. For an Ivy League graduate, Claire Danes is surprisingly not very articulate.

7. I don’t watch anything on CBS. Jim Parson’s win for best lead actor in a comedy series for Big Bang Theory was a surprise. And also him looking like a really sick Skeletor was a surprise. (Maybe it was just the HD on my 52” flat screen TV?)

8. Top Chef finally broke the Amazing Race’s streak for best reality program. Finally. Again: I don’t watch anything on CBS.

9. Like their careers, Matthew Perry and Lauren Graham’s scripted banter seemed so late 90’s, early 00’s. That’s probably why it fell flat on its gay face.

10. I love Edie Falco. Let’s hope she doesn’t start starring in variety programs or movies/miniseries, or everyone else’ll be screwed.

BONUS: Ricky Gervais. Looking svelte. And handing out beer. ‘Nuff said.


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