So Many Developments, So Little Time…

I’ve been off the blogosphere for a while, thanks to the start of my Hell Month™ at work. (Tehcnically it’s two months. Projected end of Hell Month™: November 2010.)

In any case, a few things blipping on my radar these days:

  • Finally. A rally I can get behind. Jon Stewart is hosting a Rally to Restore Sanity on the National Mall here in DC on October 30. Its purpose: To take back the conversation from the crazy misspelling minority that has dominated the news cycle these past few months. Of course, Stephen Colbert is hosting a March to Keep Fear Alive on the same day. Brilliant. I’ll be there with some sort of ironic shirt and a homemade, but correctly spelled poster.
  • Conan plays Angry Birds. Yay Team Coco!
  • Christine O’Donnell. Oh, dear. Delawarians: What’s up with that? I guess per my previous post on democracy, this should be a welcome development. But still. Oh, dear.
  • The non-finale season finale of True Blood. This season had its ups (shirtless Alcide, hot Latin Jesus, Jar of Talbot, and Russell Edgington threatening to eat everyone’s children) and its downs (secret giggly fairy world, inbred Panther people, Bill and Sookie’s on-again-off-again-on-again BS). But the threads—including Sam Merlotte’s potentially engaging devolution from all-around nice guy to cold-blooded killer—were all disparate and didn’t really contribute to a satisfying end of the season. Creator Alan Ball’s “special message” at the end of the episode seemed to also signal that they knew that the end of the season wasn’t really tied up neatly in the end. Oh well. Here’s hoping that next season more smartly uses the chess pieces already in place. And includes more shirtless dudes.
  • And finally: Lady Gaga is urging Congress to repeal DADT. Thankfully, she didn’t wear her meat suit.

More ruminations and such to come! I’m decompressing after an 11-week performance run with Caveat at Washington Improv Theater.


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