::: Squeeeeee :::

Oh, and I’m also a huge celebrity geek. I started writing to celebrities and asking for autographed headshots when I was in high school.

Knowing that I wasn’t likely to get a response from a George Clooney or an Edward Norton-level celebrity, I decided instead to write to actors from indie films and lesser known TV shows whose performances I thought were powerful and affecting.

As a performer myself (albeit a non-famous, uncompensated one), I’m aware of the power of something as simple as a compliment after a show. Hearing “great job!” from an audience member–especially from a complete stranger–is quite humbling and makes the week after week of rehearsals worth it.

I hope that a handwritten note and a request for an autographed photo from a geek like me reads more like flattery instead of creepy.

In any case, my latest: Southland’s Shawn Hatosy, who most recently played the deliciously mental serial killer Boyd Fowler on Dexter. Nothing like a celebrity autograph to stoke the nerdy 12-year old fanboy in me.


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