Status Update

Meta alert! Because I’m narcissistic (Why else would I have a blog?), I recently re-read my Facebook updates from the past few months. It’s interesting to see where my head has been as of late. Boy, I should really compile these literary gems into an anthology of status updates.

A few highlights:

  • The world is full of crazy people, and they all somehow have my phone number.
  • It’s Monday, Monday, gotta get to work on Monday…
  • Not giving me eye contact as we’re passing each other in the hallway is only enabling my delusions of grandeur.
  • Someone forgot to turn off the snow.
  • My Irish sounds a lot like Pirate.
  • Nick Jonas does not a good Marius make.
  • On mornings like this, I’d really like to just stay in bed and pretend that I don’t have a mortgage.
  • And now I shall attempt to act like an adult…
  • Here coffee, coffee, coffee…
  • Here’s what last night’s commute taught me: When the zombie apocalypse hits DC, we’re all screwed. And OPM will want us to show up two hours later.

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