Fanboy Alert

No matter how hard I try, I really can’t deny my geeky fanboy-ness when it comes to seeing live theater. I’m the guy who hangs around the stage door and tries to meet cast members, often reduced to a blubbering incoherent mess when I actually do get to talk to them or get a picture taken with them. I think it’s part respect, part admiration, and part envy. There’s a little Broadway stage diva somewhere inside me wishing he weren’t an education statistician.

TJ and I saw Wicked at the Kennedy Center last night. (We have to. It’s in our contract.) It was the fifth time seeing the show for both of us, and both of us still enjoyed it insanely. This time around, we made sure we had front row seats. And we did. Literally. All in all, it was a great production and a great cast, particularly Dee Roscioli, who plays Elphaba.

Per my usual m.o., I hung around the stage door and managed to chat a little bit with a couple of the cast members:

Amanda Jane Cooper, who played Glinda with utter joy and delicious mischief. She’s absolutely adorable and was very, very gracious when we chatted with her.

Colin Hanlon, who played Fiyero. I actually knew of him from an off-broadway musical he did a few years back called I Love You Because (the title track of which is one of my favorite songs of all time). He brought a terrific spark to Fiyero that I hadn’t seen in other portrayals: personality. He’s the Fiyero I’d like to have beers with but still take home to meet mom.

Needless to say, we’ve already got tickets to see the show again in July.

Ridiculous? Yes. Sad? Maybe. Unashamedly obsessed with theater? Absolutely.


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