True Blood = Bananas!

This season of True Blood is cuh-raaaaaaazy… in the best way possible. The past few episodes have almost made up for the show’s craptacular last season, which ended Russell Edgington’s reign of terror with a whimper rather than a bang. (Look, when someone promises to eat you after eating your children — that’s a promise you definitely want to see on screen.)

This season has found a terrific storyline in cuckoo bananas witch Antonia, whose penchant for necromancy poses a real threat to the vampires, including adorable Eric, our baby vamp Jessica, and now skinless Pam. I’m even enjoying the B and C storylines (e.g., Sam and Tommy’s skinwalking adventures, Arlene’s demon baby) so far.

Here’s hoping this season ends with the various threads somehow coming together. Can’t wait for more!


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