Right Brain Resolutions

I don’t usually stake the success of the upcoming year on some grand pronouncement of things I will do more/less of. I’d like to think that New Year’s resolutions don’t really play a significant role in my annual start-of-the-year refresh.

Never mind, of course, that two of the biggest life changes I’ve made were the direct result of New Year’s resolutions. Thanks to the extra incentive of “starting over,” I quit drinking soda in January 2006 and I started taking improv classes in January 2007.

So I thought I’d at least write some general notions of things related to my right brain that I’d like to accomplish this year, if nothing else but to keep me accountable:

  • Read at least one book for pleasure per quarter.
  • Write at least one blog entry a day, even if the entry is nothing more than a JPG of a kitten playing with a ball of yarn.
  • Take and publish at least one photo a day month on Flickr.
  • Finish writing my NaNoWriMo novel by December 2012. So it’ll take me a year rather than a month. Whatevs.
  • Write at least one song per month.
  • Record at least 12 of my previously written songs in GarageBand to “release” an album in December 2012.

Big, but not unattainable. Let’s hope my Muses don’t fail me this year!


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