Stop SOPA and PIPA! For the Love of Jesus and Oprah on a Jet Ski!

Okay, so we can all pretty much agree that online piracy is terrible. It’s like Somali pirates attacking you while you have terrible explosive diarrhea, only it’s on the Interwebs and not as you cruise down to the Bahamas with your lovely lady friend.

But SOPA and PIPA, Congress’ proposed solutions to battling online piracy, are waaaaaaay off target. It’s like using a nuke on cute, cuddly kittens who are just LOLing and asking if they can haz cheezburgers. Both proposals miss the point entirely about effectively dealing with online piracy and have terrible, terrible unintended consequences, like SkyNet and evil sentient robots taking over.

Seriously, Congress. Add this to the column of things not to regulate. You Tea Partiers and Occupiers don’t like big government, right? Then tell Congress not to give government the power to censor the Interwebs. That’s what countries where James Bond villains come from do. Because once you start censoring cute puppies falling asleep, you really don’t know when it’ll stop.

If SOPA and PIPA pass, then awesome things like this might never see the light of day (thanks to

Do you want the Interwebs to remain free and open? Read more and sign the petition here: And contact your Senator and Congressperson. It’s their job to represent you, so tell them not to be swayed by the fancy meals and free DVDs from lobbyists.

Online piracy is a real threat to American innovation and economic growth, but SOPA and PIPA are not the right solutions.


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