Highly Recommended: La Cage Aux Folles

TJ and I saw La Cage Aux Folles starring George Hamilton and Chris Sieber at the Kennedy Center last night.

One word: Amazeballs.

I haven’t had this much fun seeing a show in a long, long while. The singing, the dancing, the drag queens, the Filipino butler/maid–the whole thing was just a big ball (or several big balls) of campy fun. It also helped that we sat in the third row. 🙂

The biggest jawdropper of the night for me, though, was Chris Sieber’s superbly scrumptrulescent performance as Albin (essentially Nathan Lane’s character in The Birdcage). I didn’t realize that Sieber was such a fantastic singer, but he is, and I got chills down my spine listening to him belt out “I Am What I Am.”

Here’s an official clip from the touring production:

The show is at the Kennedy Center through February 12, so definitely add it to your list of shows to see in the next few weeks!


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