Life Updates, in Bullet Form

I am woefully behind updating my blog. Apologies.

A few quick highlights:

  • I turned 33 last week. I guess now I have to go found a religion.
  • I’ve recently become enamored with the Alien franchise mythology, thanks to the hype leading up to Prometheus, which we saw on opening night. Our verdict: Good, but flawed. Certainly worth another viewing and worth endless theorizing. My discussion with TJ post-movie reminded me of post-X-Files episode discussions I used to have on in 1997 (nerd alert, cough).
  • We saw First You Dream, a musical revue of Kander and Ebb’s works, at the Kennedy Center last week. It was a great show, although I realized very quickly how little of Kander and Ebb’s songbook I actually know apart from Chicago and Cabaret. I also didn’t know they wrote the theme from “New York, New York.”
    (Also, I apparently skipped Gay 101 as I didn’t realize that Liza Minnelli was Judy Garland’s daughter. I’m in terrible danger of losing my gay card.) In any case, the show is definitely recommended:

  • I was in New Orleans last week for work and had dinner at Bayona. Definitely nom nom nom worthy, this meal ranks up there among the best I’ve ever had. For an appetizer, I stayed safe a little bit and tried a chorizo-stuffed squid salad. It was generally good, but the flavors didn’t quite come together as I imagined they would. So instead, I sampled my colleagues’ veal sweetbreads, which were a highlight. My entrée was definitely the winner, though: peppered lamb loin with goat cheese and zinfandel sauce. I ended the meal with a carrot cake that was to die for. All in all a fantastic meal. If you’re ever in the Big Easy, I’d highly recommend this restaurant.

Lots of other exciting updates coming up, so stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy this clip of highlights from the 2012 Tony award-winning Once (which TJ and I saw during our New York engagement weekend!):


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