Getting Back on the LGN Plan

Or Wedding Planning, Part III: Losing Weight in Time for Your Wedding

So…. I’ve hit the “fat and happy” phase of domestic life. Back in 2008, I had a personal trainer, was a svelte 145 pounds, and boasted abs of sexiness. Flash forward almost four years, and I’m looking a little, um, happier. I’m at 166 pounds and carrying midsection doughiness not unlike a certain boy who works at Pillsbury.

My doctor said I should probably lose a few pounds. And I’ve lamented my weight gain to TJ, noticing that my Chris Lee-type photos aren’t coming out as awesomely as they once did.

I’ve brought some slides, with which to better illustrate:

So for my health and general vanity, I’m hopping back on my LGN (Look Good Nekkid) plan. And really, I’d like to get back in shape for our wedding, so I thought getting myself back down to 145(ish) pounds would be a worthy goal for the year.

My resources aren’t as abundant as they were in 2008 (i.e., I can’t afford a personal trainer), but I know enough from my physical therapy/athletic training days to get myself back on track.

So the plan is to chronicle some of my progress toward my goal of losing 20 pounds. And I have a year to do it, so I should have plenty of time. 🙂 Mathematically, I’d just need to lose 0.05479 pounds a day everyday for the next 365 days.

First up: Getting myself to the gym. Thanks to a more stable work/life schedule, I’ve ramped up my gym-going frequency from no times a week to at least three times a week. For someone who hates cardio, I’ve actually challenged myself to up its intensity so I’m a disgusting, sweaty mess every time I step off the elliptical (Thank you, awesome 90’s dance hits playlist!). I’m also planning to get back to a rational strength training regimen so I just don’t focus on my chest and arms every time I go to the gym. More on that in future posts.

Second, and probably harder: Changing my diet. I know a big factor in my weight gain has been my diet, so this needs the most work. Thankfully, my financial sitch is also providing constraints involving eating out, so we’re making more meals at home, which means I’ll have more control over what I put in my body. But because rice is something I cannot live without, I have to challenge myself to–at the very least–limit my portions for each meal. And TJ and I are getting better at planning our meals and making sure we’ve got a good serving of fruits and veggies everyday. It’s tough, though. When your favorite food is spaghetti, a heaping serving is easy to justify in your head. But we’ll see what happens.

So why now? Actually, watching American Ninja Warrior has lit a fire under my ass. (So there: TV is good for you.) From the safety of my couch, running the course seems like something any Tom, Dick, or Harry could do. But I know I’d probably fall apart crying and asking for my mom on the first obstacle. Kind of like how I almost vomited and passed out after my first session with my personal trainer.

So while I may never make it to Mount Midoriyama, I’m on my way back to the LGN track. And no worries. In case I run for office, all photos that show up on this blog will be G-rated. Or at least PG-13.


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