Those Squeeeeee-Worthy American Horror Story Promos

I fell hard for Ryan Murphy’s WTF-inducing horrorscapade, American Horror Story last year. Finally, I thought, here’s a series where Murphy can let his insane over-the-top grotesquerie flourish, so he can quit injecting them into Glee.

I am counting the days with hysterical anticipation for the next chapter, Asylum, to premiere (October 17 on FX!).

In the meantime, I’ve been marveling at the slew of promos for the show’s season premiere. I’m not sure if Murphy is also behind these, but these short clips are outright genius. Even if they don’t have anything to do with the show itself (kind of like the True Blood opening titles), they’re pretty damn effective. Whoever produced these clips imbued them with just the right amount of creepy iconography and brain-jarring audio to make my insides pee a little. Definitely squeeeeeeee-worthy.

Take a gander at a few of my favorites:

And finally, the full 30-second promo:


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