Glee Watch: Behold, the Power of a Look

So I finally caught this week’s episode of Glee, which creator Ryan Murphy wrote. (Side note: I always wonder how this works, i.e., if the creator of a show gets to boss everyone around and says, “No, I’m writing the biggest episode of the season. You get to write the fluffy stupid crap like Sue’s pregnancy or a town cursed by killer kitties.”)

“The Break-Up” was pretty damn good, and like “Silly Love Songs” from Season 2, used the show’s characters effectively to portray honestly–Santana would say it was the “mature thing to do”–the pain and confusion associated with distance, betrayal, and loss.

Easily, the highlight for me was Blaine’s (Darren Criss) acoustic rendition of “Teenage Dream” (see below). Kudos to director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon for the way he filmed this scene and to the actors for speaking VOLUMES with just looks and glances.

See? You don’t always need exposition to get your point across. Show, don’t tell.


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