Next Stop: SCOTUS!

Oh, nothing. The U.S. Supreme Court just agreed to hear arguments re: same sex marriage next March, with a ruling anticipated in June.


Holy @!%^#&%!

Most immediately, I’m thinking two things:

(1) Finally, we have an opportunity to put this DOMA nonsense to bed. (I say unless the straights figure out how to stop cheating on each other and/or divorcing, I call hooey on their monopoly on marriage. “Sanctity of marriage” my ass.)

(2) Wait. Nine people — actually, likely one or two, based on the Justices’ less than subtle partisan divide — will make the ultimate decision about whom I can marry? Yikesies.

Nonetheless, spring 2013 is looking to be quite exciting. I’m glad marriage equality is finally part of the mainstream national conversation. I’m also glad that more of us are out there wanting to tell our stories so this conversation becomes less about “those” gays and more about “our” gays.

But I know it won’t be easy or pretty. I’m already preparing my heart for the fresh stream of putridity from the Christian “right.” I expect longer lines at Chik-fil-A, for example. (That’s right, Christians, fried chicken sandwiches prevent Satan’s fabulous gay minions from taking over the world. It’s in the Bible.)

But I’m praying that, with the majority of Americans now supporting marriage equality, we finally put this issue to bed so we can all move on and do the important work of the nation.

In the meantime, I celebrate the same-sex couples who were finally able to get married in the state of Washington earlier this week. The most adorable:


These adorabears are Larry Duncan and Randy Shepard (photographed by Meryl Schenker), who have been together for 11 years. They were among the many couples in Washington who tied the knot Thursday. Mazel tov, Jack and Ennis!


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