Writing Better Lyrics

This Congress-forced free time has allowed me to work on my other love: songwriting.

I’ve been writing music since I was 12, but I’ve been largely self-taught. And I haven’t been disciplined enough these past few years to devote any amount of time to it like I did with improv. And of course creative muscles atrophy without exercise (I went to physical therapy school after all), and I’m guilty of neglecting this part of my brain.

So in addition to fixing things around the house, I’m currently reading this:

20131015-093639.jpgOne of the early exercises Pattison prescribes is object writing — essentially a time-limited free association based on a single prompt. For the improv nerds: It’s like writing down an invocation opening for a show. And like improv, no idea is a bad idea. Everything counts.

Protip from Pattison: Remember that you have more than one sense (you actually have seven — including organic and kinesthetic senses) so explore those you don’t normally do.

It’s been helpful. I’ve forgotten how much I used to do this in my creative writing — my high school English teacher once told me that I was a little too descriptive — so it’s been good to rekindle it.

I’ve been flooding the notes app on my iPhone with lots of random thoughts these past few days. Some may turn into songs, others might stay random. But getting my brain to really sense the world around me — and articulating what I see/hear/smell/taste/feel — has been awesome.

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