I’d Take Either Version of Chris Pratt

Come on! Wouldn’t you?

I have a theory (side note: I always have theories) about why we suddenly all want to be Chris Pratt’s BFFs and lovahs. Because we knew him first as this adorable, hilarious, huggable bear, we actually liked him before his transformation into a muscle god hunk. And now that he’s got both personality *and* six-pack abs, he’s become exponentially more irresistible. You can take him home to mom and also have him squeeze you with those gunz.

It’s like that friend you think would actually look hot if s/he lost a couple of pounds, got a haircut, and took a shower (cf. Cousin Barry from Will & Grace, all the dudes that came on What Not to Wear).

And now we’re all squarely in Mr. Pratt’s charming, hypnotic gaze. He could do anything (e.g., kill a baby llama, cheat on Ana Faris with one of the Kardashians) and he’d still have America gladly eating out of his hands.

And that, my friends, is the long game of those of us who’ve learned to lead using personality rather than looks.

Bring on Jurassic World!

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