This Is How Busy I’ve Been


I haven’t appropriately :::squeeeeeeeeeeeeed::: at the prospect of having Mulder and Scully grace the small screen once again. 1997!Archie would totally be ashamed of 2015!Archie.

By now, you know that talks are heating up about an X-Files reunion/reboot/re-I-don’t-care-what-you-call-it-just-make-it-happen.

I am all sorts of giddy at the prospect. I never was satisfied with the way seasons 8 and 9 panned out. I liked Robert Patrick as Doggett and Annabeth Gish as Reyes. I didn’t even mind that Mulder was MIA for the last two seasons. And I actually enjoyed the second movie, even if the story was too pedestrian.

But like many of my favorite TV shows (ahem, American Horror Story: Freak Show), there were lots of squandered creative opportunities (e.g., Scully searching for the abducted Mulder instead of tending to an alien baby) that could have further sealed the show’s groundbreaking impact.

Having a seasoned Mulder and Scully — preferably back at the FBI (hey, feds get rehired all the time!) — investigate a season-long mystery a la True Detective or Fargo would instantly modernize the show’s storytelling, which occasionally fell under the weight of its own bloviating self-importance.

I’m on board, even if Chris Carter’s terrible The After pilot on Amazon terrified me in all the wrong ways. (Side note: Carter should never write an ensemble show. Characters turn into stock caricatures.)

Best case scenario: He invites his old friends Vince Gilligan and Howard Gordon to map out the season’s arc and write a few episodes. There’s no reason this should be a solo venture, should it?

Maybe there’s hope.


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