How Old Are You?

No, not your physical age. Your mental one.

I have a theory that personality/chi settles in the brain mold early, despite all the wisdom we supposedly acquire with each additional trip around the sun. (Or, if you question science, the sun’s trips around us.)

I’m convinced because I think I’m still somewhere in high school.

It’s not just the sophomoric jokes, which make me snort to this day. But the irrational fears, insecurities, and motivations that manifested themselves in high school still seem to drive me today.

I often wonder this about my friends with kids. Sure, parenthood thrusts a whole new set of responsibilities on you, and the world somehow expects you to “grow up.” But to my friends who are parents: Even with progeny in tow, is your brain somehow still in its teens?

I ask this question a lot in the workplace because I’ve seen behavior — both good and bad — that’s led me to wonder why people act the way they do. Were they hugged enough as children? Is their territory marking motivated by some deep insecurity that started when they were 12? Are they jerks at home, too, or just at work?


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